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 Joshua University 

I believe you are here for a reason and with a purpose to be encouraged, equipped and empowered. I hope this University is a place where you and your family can gain the tools needed for healthy growth.

I am passionate about helping individuals learn and develop their Divine potential, gifts, and desires towards a promised future!


Joshua U aim to break the misguided traits of Leadership and Relationship by introducing a proactive productive approach to provide transformative tools that will leave you empowered, impacted and rejuvenated.

Joshua's relationship success solutions 

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Believer's Connection Single's

Believer's Connection Singles is the organization to bring life to this area, providing the missing link in a believer's life's.

BC Singles was established to bridge the gap between unsuccessful relationships and relationships built on a foundation of biblical principles, one's identity in Christ, and inner purpose and destiny.

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AS ONE Marriage Council 


AS ONE' marriage group provides a safe place for couples to explore their relationship among supportive peers.


All couples are there for the same purpose – to strengthen and grow their relationship. Get ready to Refuel, Restore, and Realign your love 'AS ONE' in marriage. 

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In our society as men, we make it a priority to educate ourselves on skills related to our field of study or career progression.


The Men's University believes that spiritual and relationship development should be just as important!

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Check The News 

True Justice T.V with Joshua Bernard promotes Christian views and reveals issues that plague our family and our communities. Our current news sectors have been infiltrated with a purpose to promote propaganda, fear, and agendas agents the Divine plan of God.


True Justice reveals the unfiltered truth about spiritual, racial, and constitutional laws that improve our communities, reduce government dependency, and building race relations.

Community Connect Solutions 

Color Free America 

What Does Color Free Mean?
Very simply it means:  There is No Supreme Race or Color, but rather, Citizens working together for lawful expression within the bounds of the constitution!

The mission is to raise the awareness of critical problems dividing the populous and confronting the future progress of America  and a call to unity on International, National, Community, Neighborhood, and Educational issues.