Everyone’s on a Journey

Welcome to Believer's Connection Online Partnership! We believe God has a place and purpose for you here. We hope as a Partner you and your family can experience God in a fresh, new way.


Wherever you are in life, you have a purpose. Teaching online is here to help you find the next step on your journey to becoming who God created you to be.



Our Partner Connection is available for those who:

- Attend another church and are looking to expand their faith an function spiritual, mentally and operationally in their marketplace or ministry. ​
- Pastors and leaders seeking to accelerate their learning and development in disciple souls
- Personal relational life coaching
Your Partnership Reach 

Your dedicated support, faithful prayers and commitment to the Lord and His gospel to the lost make what we do in this ministry possible. Together with the Lord’s grace, your generosity allows us to reach and train thousands of people to be functional in there lives and ministries as we mentor and empower them to change their communities and sphere of influence for the Kingdom of God.​

Each day, testimonies from precious individuals around the world pour in to share how their lives, marriages and careers have been tremendously blessed and radically transformed through this ministry. 

My friend, there are still so many out there who need to hear this truth in their lives. Join in and connect with me to fulfill God’s desire for everyone to hear and walk in freedom, knowing that the power of grace is possible through our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ.

Together, let’s tell and show the whole world that the cross really did make a difference!

In the Lord’s love and grace,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining with me on this incredible journey. Your gift below to help reach out to lost and broken people all over the world. Your support helps others…




Partner Discipleship Opportunities

A “disciple” is someone who is committed to learning a particular way of life and living according to that way. As disciples of Jesus, we’re called to live as Jesus lived and this requires attentive learning and follow through on our part.

To that end, we’re pleased to present discipleship opportunities, designed to help you deepen your relationship with God and others in the world today.

Advance Ministry Course Opportunities: 

Do you want more than living a life where you get up every morning to go to work, come home and go to bed – to start over again the next day? Are you not afraid to give up everything and follow Jesus? Can you see yourself train, equip and disciple others? Can you see yourself bring life to the church of Christ?

Take your ministry and calling to the next level. This college-level training course will set you on fire! And transform your ministry into a force to be reckoned with and feared by the gates of hell! 


Get ready for your Spiritual Sword of the Word to Grow exponentially through this Mastery in Biblical Precept Course!


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