Welcome to my page! I believe you are here for a reason and with a purpose to be encouraged, equipped and empowered. I hope this ministry is a place where you and your family can gain the tools needed for healthy growth.

I am passionate about helping individuals learn and develop their Divine potential, gifts, and desires for a promised future! 


Joshua strengthens, equips, and empowers couples to communicate effectively in their marriage and family.

You no longer have to feel disconnected, disrespected, or unloved.


By understanding how communication with the right tools in marriage and with your children, you'll enjoy the vulnerability and love that comes from understanding.​ Our courses are comprehensive, but simple to understand and apply to your marriage and family.





Joshua enjoys speaking to men specifically about male issues. He encourages the men on subjects such as How to Lead Your Family Spiritually, mentally and emotionally, How to Overcoming Lust and Sexual Addiction, and how to live out their full potential and purpose. 


Many men are awakening to the need for accountability. This is because it can be hard to admit that we need help in our lives. You’ll be able to see that there are no magic tricks when it comes to transformation. Rather, it’s a series of tools that anyone can utilize. We strive to make things as easy as possible. By using the simple processes in our sessions, you’ll notice an almost immediate gain a heightened sense of your potential, power, and purpose.

True Justice T.V with Joshua Bernard promotes Christian views and reveals issues that plague our family and our communities.

Our current news sectors have been infiltrated with a purpose to promote propaganda, fear, and agendas agents the Divine plan of God. 

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